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You found me! This little website is for you to browse and get to know a bit about me. Sure you will also see links to my social media pages, but I rarely post public stuff, so mostly nothing to see there.

I have a blog

Check out my latest posts! This is mostly about when I was wildly freelancing, but I kept feeding the portfolio section. I warn you though, I am not such a big blogger, so it could either be outdated, or seemingly empty. However if what you see here prompts you to learn more about me, then by all means, visit my humble blog. ;)

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Other Experience

Here I highlight my non-work related experience or activities. Some of the other stuff I am good at, like, solder iron handling, fixing a computer, changing my kid's diaper, changing my car's oil filter... you know... other stuff besides coding websites. My work experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

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Contacting Me

Here I will place all the links to the social networks I am currently using. Just in case you can't find me in one, so you have a chance to look in another. I am pretty active in the main social networks, but my activity varies from time to time depending on current circumstances. Other methods will also be shown here.

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