Because no great website has been completed by the work of just one person. There has always been the aid of others, be it just an influence, actual work done, tips shared, etc. The work of one person has the potential to impact the work of others. This alone makes the Internet awesome; Don't you think?

Below I mention some of the influencers of my work, tips I've applied here that have taught me little things here and there. Good karma flows like that. ;)

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap LogoThe holy grail of quick responsive development. Just stilize the .less file variables, maybe even modify even further for a deeper custom look, then you have all you need to code a responsive website from the get-go in a lot less time than starting from scratch. Plus it comes packed with a lot of goodies that most of the time are used as jQuery plugins. This is really a permanent tool in my box simply because it allows me to make responsive sites a lot faster... not to mention the pretty design guidelines that are in place.


jQuery LogoThis awesome framework has helped me and pretty much every other developer in creating awesome work for the web.

This definitely is one of the tools on my toolbox for creating websites... especially when there is a lot of js to be fiddled with, otherwise I just don't include it if I can do it with regular good'ol js.

Gimp 2.8

Normally I prefer Photoshop, but when licensing is an issue, and my lack of money to get a Photoshop license (which is very pricey) stops me from just using Photoshop, then there is The Gimp. The new version 2.8 is more than adequate to tackle most of the image editing I do for websites. Seeing as I am not doing full-blown design work on it, I don't tend to spend a lot of time figuring out how to do stuff because it is kind of different from Photoshop. Well, Adobe doesn't have to look into the Gimp for advice, but this software can stand on its own very well too!


GIMP 2.8 Splash Screen GIMP 2.8 Screenshot

Sublime Text

Sublime Text 2 Logo This is my current text editor of choice. It runs a lot lighter than Dreamweaver, that's for sure, and once you break it in, it has so much more to offer. You can't just use the plain vanilla editor - even without plugins this editor is pretty cool, but when you discover plugins you can really make this do wonders for you. I like the fact that this is an editor made for programmers. You won't see fancy windows for settings or options. You don't wade through panels, or windows to configure it, no. You get a huge json object full of settings, with a lot of comments telling you what each option does. It has become my go-to editor, it is free, has what I need, and it just works. What more can I ask for?


Grooveshark Logo Letting you build your own custom playlists before spotify was there, (before it was cool). These guys allowed me to put together the tunes that worked as soundtrack for my coding sessions.

It wasn't all the same stuff either, during the few days I spent putting this site together (some sessions longer than others, as I don't have so much free time @ home) I listened to some Drum & Bass from various artists. I also played some jazz. Those guys really put their soul in their music! Last but not less loved, Rock in Spanish, a couple of oldies, argentinean bands some local puertorican tunes too. They all served to smoothen out my work process and make it all groovy!