I'll show you some of the things I'm good at besides coding php, html, css and javascript. Many of these projects are things I've done by repurposing stuff that would have otherwise wound up in the garbage bin. So I also employed my recycling spirit. I don't like to litter landfills with stuff that can still be used for something, so I tried to make something out of these things instead of throwing them away.

My Custom Computer Rig

This is the computer I built after the one I had previously spontanously died on me thanks to a faulty power supply unit that pretty much killed the motherboard as well as the Ram it had on it. Luckily the rest of the components survived and I was able to put together this sweet rig.

This has an ASUS motherboard model M5A97 LE R2, a 64bit AMD Athlon II X3 450 Processor running at 3.2GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHz (I blame the economy for only getting one - a later upgrade will drastically improve this I hope.) The case is Mid-Tower ATX type sporting 4 fans. Three chassis fans and one cpu fan. One of the chassis fans is mounted on top, where the case came with a mesh as it is water cooling capable (another leisure I couldn't afford at the time of purchase). Since hot air rises, I placed this fan there to suck hot air out of the case via the top mesh holes. A fan in the front pulls fresh air in, and one in the back pushes another stream of air out. A lateral fan pushes air in directly into the processor and ram dimms area also aiding in cooling down the ram.

The motherboard came with pretty nice software that helps with overclocking (will get into that later when I get better ram and at least a phenom 6 core processor) and gives me pretty sweet data on temperature for the motherboard and the processor. It also measures the rpm of the chassis fans and the processor fan as they are all connected to 4-pin smart connections, which enables the BIOS to throtle the fan speeds based on calculations that take into account motherboard and processor temperatures. Also the case came with a quick swap port for hard drives. If the drive is SATA (as most are these days) I can just push it in onto that slot and reboot my system for it to work. It is not like a USB HD would work that it would get recognized, I have to reboot because this slot goes directly into a SATA connector on the motherboard. That is a really handy feature that I liked a lot.

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Parallel Resistor Calculator

There are many like it on the internet, but this one is mine. You can also see the source in JsFiddle website clicking the "See the Source!" button.

The formula is simple:
Latex img made at

It is what I use to come up with lower resistor values when I am playing around with low voltage DC circuits. I like to use parallel setups for most everything because in case of a malfunction in an led for example, the other leds will still function, while if it is in series the circuit breaks open and current cannot pass through the blown led. You can check the calculator right here in the embedded jsFiddle, or you can visit the jsFiddle site by clicking the "Fiddle with it!" button.

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The Jack Daniels Bottle

I ocassionally enjoy a glass of whiskey. Mostly on weekends after the successful end of a project. However, when I'm done with a bottle, it just feels kind of odd to throw it away. We litter our landfills with so much stuff... I decided to make something out of this one bottle instead of throwing it away. Here's the result.

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CD/DVD Case Lamp

Instead of throwing this case away, I just decided to use it as a case for a led lamp. This one encompassed two stages. First time around, I made it to run from a 9 volt battery, but then I used a power supply and installed a flip switch onto the case. Used wire terminals so I could take it appart in case I wanted to use that switch on some other project... I'm kind of picky like that, but I've kept it that way. Added a cd spindle motor in there too, with pieces of cd disk that reflect the light from the led and make a nice light-show when it is dark in the room. I stuck a picture in the front to cover the guts of it and it really looks well when lit up.

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M&M's Minis Tube

Another repurposing project. My daughter was quite fond of the M&M's minis, and I saw many of them tubes being thrown away. It hurt me a bit so I thought I'd do something with them instead of throwing them away. I made her a small flashlight for her to have handy on a blackout. It took a led, a resistor and a 9v battery. This was poor design choice, but is what I had on hand at the time... so I made a bit of a hack to accomodate the components in there with a pressure switch that is always off unless you keep it pressed. My daughter loved it and I kept yet another tube from hitting the landfill.

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Classic Coca-Cola Bottle

This one ended up really pretty. I've always had a thing for the design of the classic coke bottle. So I never threw this one away. I made a papier maché base with a cardboard postage tube as the base. Crafted a hole on the side for the ac adapter to plug in, and mounted a combination of 4 leds in parallel (so if one is blown, the others still light up). Then I put chlorinated water with vegetable coloring (blue - a little bleach added to keep it from molding). Needless to say when I put the bottle on the light, it really brightens the room with a nice blueish touch, plus it looks interesting.

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Diskette Pen Holders

I used to live in a really humid place in Puerto Rico's mountains. Humidity isn't good for these disks because certain fungi grow on it and really kill them. These were "dead" so I couldn't get myself to throw them away, especially since they were really OLD games, and for nostalgia's sake, I made these useful cups to put my office supplies. I had so many disks that I made about 10 of these and gave them to my co-workers at Interactive Shore. They loved them and I was glad I saved the disks from hitting the landfill.

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Diskette Notepad

More crafting with diskettes! I had so many that I had to find something to do with them. Notepads are useful to have around the house or office. So when I found a picture of this on the web, I ran to make me some of these just to reduce the amount of diskettes I had around. They don't work anymore anyways and I definitely don't want to put them in the garbage, so "Craft away!" is what I told myself.

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Cork Lamp

This one still needs finishing. This project is my favorite thus far. I got to drink a lot of wine over the time I was collecting the corks for this... of course it was NOT a mere week ... I don't drink so much. I typically kill one bottle over the weekend, and all those corks broken in half are now lining this one lamp. This has a flip switch, a conventional lightbulb socket, a can of Sprite inside the tube to hold the stuff together, isnulation, and a piece of an export soda craker tin can on the bottom for the base. Pictured with an incandescent bulb, but later on used with a led bulb that generates less heat and consumes tons less electricity. This, unlike my other projects, is an AC current project where a mistake handling the wiring could have given me a pretty bad shock, or killed me, so I had to take extra care. I left it running outside overnight to test and make sure it doesn't go into a fiery meltdown. Test passed with fluorescent energy saving bulb which generates less heat than incandescent ones. :D

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