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Social Networks...

I sometimes spend hours watching cat pictures or memes and awkwardly laughing at those... My wife or my kids never get the jokes, I think its part of the benefit of being "outside" or "far away from" the Internet, but not me. I am way too much into this. Of course it isn't all cats or memes in there. There is family, friends, politics discussions, arguments, puns, fun, the passing of loved ones, the birthday congratulation messages, the weddings, the relationship switching drama moments... oh... there is a lot going on.

Google Plus


Despite the common hyperbole about Google Plus in a lot of blogs and of course on Facebook zealots, G+ is an awesome place to hook up with the scientific community as well as developers and many different types of people.

I follow a lot of awesome content creators here, like Alex Wild, for example, who is an awesome entomologist most renowned for his superb photographies of insects.

Another great example is Mike Elgan. He is a long time blogger and has since aprox. one year ago, replaced traditional blogging platforms and is now using Google+ for blogging. He also had a site to manage his pictures which he also ditched in favor of Google+.

Long story short, Google+ is positioning itself as a real alternative to a number of services, it is only a matter of discovering its charms and learning how to use it properly, which won't get done by simply avoiding it because "facebook is all I need". They day Facebook's servers are swallowed by a tsunami or earthquake, you will still have Google+ - unless the same happens to their servers... that would be tragic indeed.



The mandatory social network. I do some apps and trial work on my facebook account with my own websites, but I rarely have time to do any serious API crawling unless I have a job that requires me to do it.

I of course mainly use it to keep in touch with family, friends and vip's. I don't add anyone I don't have some sort of relationship with. Distant acquaintances sometimes make it into my list... sometimes. Co-Workers or bosses don't usually make it in there, unless they are really cool and awesome people that have earned my trust and respect.

What do I do when a potential employer asks me to give him/her my social network credentials? Stand up, apologize for leaving abruptly, and critizice the hell out of them on social media for being that creepy boss that wants to get deep into employee's social pants. Fun Fact: Those accounts have username and password for a reason. They are meant for one to use, not to pass it on like it's some sort of office commodity. I code websites... if all you see on this site isn't enough for you to see into my personality, my facebook profile keychain won't do much more.



I can also be found on Twitter under my D.B.A. name "EffectiX". While I no longer am taking freelance jobs, I still maintain my D.B.A. identity mainly because we don't ever know what tomorrow may bring. So, what type of stuff will you see in there, a bunch of retweets from news personalities and my wine fridays picture posts. Wine fridays is a tradition a couple of friends started a long time ago in GTA Marketing, we posted our friday wine under the #vinolosviernes hashtag on twitter, but this has evolved and we now have a facebook page for it as well.

Don't get the wrong idea about that, I enjoy wine, not getting drunk on it. I haven't gotten that far and probably never will. ;) We drink responsibly.


LinkedIn is the professional social network for professionals. Of course I'd be there. No, I'm not boasting I'm a professional², but if I want to find a respectable job, and showcase my skills, I think this is the best network for the job.

In my profile, that I also link from the homepage of this website, you will find all my traditional resumé information. The experience history, education, the endorsements of my peers, a small list of projects I've been a part of... well most of what you'd expect in the traditional resumé, nothing about my personality, and who I actually am - for that reason I made this one website. ;)